Photo: Toni, Junebug, Gotham, and Taz

About US

My name is Toni, and I am an animal lover! I have two dogs: Gotham and Juno (aka Junebug!), and one cat named Taz. Having pets my entire life has shown me the fun, love, and responsibility that pets bring to a family. I started Junebug’s Place to provide a family away from family for your pets. Whether in your home or ours, we make your having to leave the normal routine of life a little less stressful for your furry family members! We also recently added full service grooming and nail clipping services in our home or yours to make your pet’s fur services easier to fit into your schedule. Whatever service or services you choose, my most important business rule will always be: the head pets and belly rubs are free!

We will always work with you to make sure your pet is getting what they need. Contact us today to make your pet part of the Junebug’s Place family.


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